The Story Of Sleepy Sounds And White Noise MP3s!

White Noise Downloads For BabiesWe kind of discovered the power of white noise mp3s to stop babies crying by accident if we are going to be truly honest! As new parents who had read everything but were prepared for nothing, we found the first few weeks of having a baby very difficult. Our new born baby would sleep great during the day but every evening between 5pm and 1am he would suffer from a terrible bout of colic.

The screaming and crying was frustrating as we knew little Tyler really wanted to sleep but all the bouncing, baby fart aerobics (see here for more) and colic massages we tried either never worked or worked only briefly. But more than the frustration, the fact that neither my husband nor I could comfort our screaming baby was breaking our hearts and left us angry at ourselves and questioning whether or not we were good parents.

As any new parent knows, the first few weeks of a new baby’s life sees a constant stream of visitors all eager to see your bundle of joy when all you want to do is sleep, rest or keep your baby asleep. On receiving short notice of one such impending visit from a relative my husband and I went into “Why on earth do they have to call now. Oh my God the house is a mess!” tidy mode.

With little Tyler in his Moses basket having been awake and screaming for the best part of 2 hours I took out the vacuum cleaner to begin the big panic clean when an amazing thing happened when I plugged it in and turned it on.

My little baby stopped crying!

We couldn’t believe it and we were even more amazed that within 5 minutes, our baby fell asleep and stayed asleep too (at least until our visitor called!)

That evening I searched online to find out how the vacuum cleaner noise had made my baby sleep and discovered that thousands of parents had had similar results with all kinds of household appliances. There were even some great videos showing parents with babies who were screaming and crying much louder and harder than Tyler using this white noise to help babies sleep.

We couldn’t believe it and we were even more amazed that within 5 minutes, our baby fell asleep and stayed asleep too.

So how did this escalate into a business, a website, a series of Baby Sleep Soundtracks and hundreds of happy customers from across the world? It’s quite simple really. When I had my second baby we had the usual stream of visitors all of whom were astounded by what the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and other appliances white noise could do. One such visitor was my husband’s friend, a sound engineer, who was telling us of his own troubles with getting his newborn to sleep. When he saw how the white noise got our baby to sleep he offered to help us cut down on our energy bills (which were sky high from having vacuum cleaners and hair dryers running) by recording some professional white noise mp3s.

After much trial and error we eventually cam up with what you see today. Our exclusive high quality 3 hour Baby Sleep Soundtracks are the only white noise mp3s out there today that offer you the perfect mp3 length meaning no need for repeating the track and disturbing your sleepy baby but also have a continuous fade out for each and every mp3 allowing your baby to stay sleeping and awake themselves naturally.

If you have any questions about our Baby Sleep Soundtracks we would love to hear from you.