Sleepy Sounds

Will Sleepy Sounds White Noise MP3s Really Help My Baby Sleep?

The majority of parents who have tried a Sleepy Sounds white noise mp3 soundtrack have been delighted with the results with almost all of our customers reporting that our soundtracks consistently ease their babies into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Are the Sleepy Sounds White Noise MP3s available on CD?

No…. and there’s a good reason why! The majority of cds are capable of holding only 60 minutes of music. As any parent knows, 60 minutes is just never enough! Our Sleepy Sounds Baby Sleep White Noise MP3s are up to 12 hours in length so you can download as an mp3 and ensure your baby has a great sleep

Can I use your Baby Sleep White Noise MP3s for every sleep?

That’s entirely up to you! With my own first baby we used the white noise mp3s every time she went to sleep but for my second child we found it a lot more effective when used as a secret weapon to be used every now and then. Many parents have told us that they use the soundtracks every time their baby sleeps and that they often switch between soundtracks to keep their baby’s attention.

Will the Baby Sleep White Noise MP3s stop my colicky baby from crying?

They definitely worked with my 2 children and many of our customers have reported similar results. Whilst the soundtracks are obviously not a cure for colic, they do help distract your baby and ease him or her to sleep.

Are the Soundtracks safe for baby’s ears?

They are absolutely safe and are a great way to get your baby used to the day to day background noise in your house.

How do I know that the Sleepy Sounds Baby Sleep White Noise MP3s will work for my baby?

Our soundtracks do stop babies crying and you can take the quick home test yourself to see if it works for your baby. Next time your baby is crying and can’t get to sleep, simply take out your vacuum cleaner and turn it on close to where your baby is trying to sleep. Leave the vacuum cleaner on for 5 minutes and you’ll see the difference!Now we know that you can’t have your vacuum cleaner running for hours at a time…. and that’s where our white noise mp3s can help.