White noise MP3s for babies are a great way to get babies to sleep and can also be great for helping calm colicky babies. But how exactly do white noise mp3s such as the womb sounds mp3 help babies sleep?

istock_000001406882largeAs your baby’s hearing develops in the womb, he or she would have heard you and your partners voices but for the majority of the time your baby would have been listening to the soothing noise of the mothers heart beating, lungs breathing and blood pumping. All of these sounds when heard through the placenta were like a constant stream of calming and soothing background music to your baby, a kind of a reassurance for them that everything was okay and that they were safe and comfortable right where they were!

Once out in the big scary world, this reassuring and never ceasing soundtrack has suddenly been taken away as every new sound, sight and feeling is learned for the first time. Sleeping outside the safety, warmth and comfort of the womb can take some getting used to and when a baby starts to feel the discomfort that colic can cause, the result is often a screaming, crying and restless baby.

White noise mp3s for babies are the perfect solution for getting your baby to sleep. The constant stream of white noise brings your baby right back to the comfort and safety of the womb. The white noise soundtracks from Sleepy Sounds will instantly grab your baby’s attention and change their focus away from their irritation at not being able to sleep or their frustration at the discomfort in their little tummies caused by colic. By keeping the white noise playing in the background your baby’s attention will be drawn to and kept focused on the noise long enough to ease your baby into a deep sleep.

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