Amazon Rainforest mp3 – 3 Hour

Amazon Rainforest mp3 – 3 Hour

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Inspired by the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest, this 3 hour Amazon Rainforest mp3 contains the soothing sounds of nature with the gentle rustle of the wind through the leaves, the calming sound of a forest stream and the distant sweet songs of the native birds. The Amazon Rainforest mp3 is perfect for easing your baby into a deep and natural sleep.

With no need to hit the repeat button, the Amazon Rainforest mp3 soundtrack also contains a 30 minute fade out so your baby isn’t startled by a sudden stoppage which will allow your baby to stay asleep until they are ready to wake up naturally themselves.

The Amazon Rainforest mp3 is 3 hours long perfect for baby’s nap time.


6 reviews

  1. Rayleen Bronson

    I downloaded this mp3 as an alternative to the vacuum cleaner mp3s and my daughter loves them both now. I play the vacuum cleaner mp3s for daytime naps now with this mp3 helping my baby sleep at night.

  2. Ursula O Donnell

    This is really working for my 12 week old. She loves the noise and is fascinated by the sounds whenever I switch it on.

  3. Luisa Jiminez

    My daughter is asleep and this mp3 doesn’t drive me crazy like some of the others

  4. Holli Gailini

    This distracts my daughter when she is gassy and helps her get to sleep quite quickly.

  5. Sharon Cummins

    Perfect length

  6. Elizabeth Henderson Chamberlain

    This mp3 works most of the time on my 7 week old. I know now too that when I turn it on she will fall asleep and stay asleep

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