Vacuum Cleaner mp3 – 3 Hour

Vacuum Cleaner mp3 – 3 Hour

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This 3 hour Vacuum Cleaner mp3 download is one of our most popular baby sleep soundtracks and countless parents just like you have been amazed at how quickly this can help a baby to stop crying and fall asleep.

With no need to hit the repeat button, this Vacuum Cleaner mp3 soundtrack also contains a 30 minute fade out so your baby isn’t startled by a sudden stoppage which will allow your baby to stay asleep until they are ready to wake up naturally themselves.

The Vacuum Cleaner Mp3 is 3 hours long – perfect for baby’s nap times!


20 reviews

  1. Sara Doyle

    The Vacuum Cleaner mp3 has worked like a dream for me

  2. Mariana Delgado

    I like very much these mp3 and my baby is sleeping now very well

  3. Corinna Mancini

    My daughter is 12 weeks old this week and I can honestly say that the vacuum cleaner white noise mp3 has helped her so so much since I downloaded it 10 weeks ago.

  4. Isabel Hussey

    I’m one of those mothers who spends hours driving in circles to get my baby to stop crying and start sleeping. I’ve only downloaded the vacuum cleaner mp3 an hour ago and already it’s almost paid for itself in gas! My little girl is asleep and I know it’s only early but if this continues it will have been the best money I’ve ever spent.

  5. Jeremy Shortcross

    This really does work

  6. Callum Dennehy

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant

  7. Lucille Ryan

    My little boy is asleep in his basket thanks to this mp3

  8. Tania Cotter

    I tried baby massage. I tried baby fart aerobics. I tried colic drops and I even tried a chiropractor my sister recommended. The vacuum cleaner white noise mp3 is the only thing that has helped me get my baby to sleep

  9. Clint O Neill

    All I can say is that I’m amazed. My baby spends hours every night crying because of colic and this vacuum cleaner sound is the first thing we have tried that has helped.

  10. Millie Horgan

    It didn’t work as well as the womb sound mp3

  11. Lauren Anderson

    My baby is finally sleeping

  12. Karen Mexes

    I can’t believe how well this has worked for getting my baby to sleep

  13. Lillian Becks

    I downloaded the mp3 10 minutes ago and my baby is already sleeping

  14. Michelle Sawyer

    I have no idea how it works but this vacuum cleaner sound puts my baby to sleep

  15. Gillian Sullivan

    My little girl falls asleep within 5 minutes of putting the vacuum cleaner mp3 noise on

  16. Yue Wan He

    This is the white noise that works for my baby girl.

  17. Jenny W

    I’m stunned at how well this white noise stuff works

  18. Jantine Madsen

    working very well for me

  19. Sandra Green

    This is the first white noise that I’ve downloaded that has actually worked

  20. Helena Bingham

    I’ve been using my own vacuum cleaner at home for years but these mp3s are much easier to use

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